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Fun Facts
  • The ostrich is a member of the ratite family of birds.
  • Ostriches cannot fly.
  • There are 3 main species of ostriches of which only one, the Struthio Camelus Domesticus (the African Black), is found in captivity.
  • Ostriches skeletons and fossils have been found which date back over 120 million years; ostriches are a true dinosaur.
  • Ostriches produce the strongest commercially available leather in the world and some of the most beautiful feathers.
  • Ostrich meat is a red meat and is very low in cholesterol, calories and is almost fat free. Ostrich meat resembles beef in its appearance and is cooked almost the same way. Ostrich meat tastes just like... well, it tastes just like ostrich meat.
  • Ostriches are not an endangered species; there are at least 2 million worldwide.
  • Ostriches have the best feed to weight ratio gain of any land animal in the world. They are successfully farmed in at least 50 countries; from the coldest climates of Alaska to the equatorial areas of central Africa.
  • When fully grown an ostrich has one of the most advanced immune systems known to mankind.
  • Ostriches are the second fastest animal in the world, and the fastest 2 legged animal, and can run at 45 miles per hour. They can maintain this speed for at least 30 minutes.
  • Ostriches do not bury their head in the sand.

  • One ostrich egg is equivalent to the weight of about 24 chicken eggs!
    An ostrich can weigh up to 200-500 pounds
  • Ostrich farming is one of the most open, free range farming alternatives available anywhere in the world today. On average, a trio of ostriches require about two thirds of an acre to breed and run around in.
  • Ostriches are an extremely resourceful species and are recognized as one of the only environmentally friendly animals in the world.