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Ostrich Facts

  One ostrich egg is equivalent to the weight of about 24 chicken eggs!

Ostriches are an extremely resourceful species and are recognized as one of the only environmentally friendly animals in the world.


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Welcome to United Ostrich Farms

A Quick Introduction to United Ostrich Farms:

We are a full service breeding farm with over twenty years of experience, specializing in South African Blacks and Zimbabwe Blues crosses. Offering for sale, day old chicks, 3 month old chicks, yearlings, pre-breeders, and proven breeders.

We have worked hard to develop not only huge markets for you to sell your birds, but also related products such as meat, eggs, feathers, hides......

When you purchase birds from us you will receive after sales support unparalleled in the industry. You will also become part of the growing family of ostrich farmers that work under the umbrella of United Ostrich Farms. There is power in numbers.